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Our story

Welcome to the Best Gifting Hub Of Pakistan

Where we Solve all your Gifting Queries


Ever since the invention of balloons, they have been a huge part of every festive celebration. But are they really getting the attention they deserve?

Established in 2018, Bazzle Balloons started with the very vision to fill the vacuum of balloon art being recognized as a separate décor entity internationally. However, not here in Pakistan. With our team of dedicated balloon artists coming together, Bazzle is set to not only bring the most luxurious balloon collection to Pakistan but also to revolutionize the way we perceive balloon décor. We provide the Best Balloons in Town, including Foil Balloons, Helium Balloons, Custom Balloons, Colorful Balloons, and Personalized Balloons for all occasions

But that’s not all; in becoming the best Gifting Hub in Pakistan, we have added an array of gifting items and bundles that are not only Premium Quality but are sure to excite all your senses. 

Bazzle strived to provide fun, unique, as well as creative gift ideas, getting you the best of the best. We are the right place to shop for gifts for kids, spouses, teachers, siblings; there is no area or relation that we have left uncovered. Save Time, Budget, and extra effort in finding that perfect Gift; just Shop Online for Gift Bundles by Bazzle. 

On all holidays and festive Seasons, Stay on top with your Epic Gift ideas and win hearts. 

Our Flowers:

In addition to premium balloons, Bazzle is also revolutionizing the art of designing perfect floral settings that will amaze and evoke a thousand emotions. Recognize the power of Flowers and how they can depict your emotions with Bazzle. 

We are set to becoming the most reputable Floral Gifting Company in Pakistan. With years of gifting experience under our belt, we promise you that you will get nothing but the best floral bundles from Bazzle. 

Our arrangements are unique because your love and emotions inspire them. Every gifting bundle from Bazzle is unique, one of a kind, and designed with bright, vibrant hues. We love to reflect the natural beauty while displaying sophistication, elegance, and charm in all our floral arrangements. 

Isn’t Bazzle an Al-rounder? 

Why are you still here! It’s Time you head towards our SHOP and browse an array of amazing products waiting to be added to your CART! 

Our Toys:

Bazzle has added yet another jewel to its crown; Stuffed Toys and recreational Toys! We are proud to present you with Amazon Favorites Viahart Stuff Toys and Goodminton Set. All imported and premium Quality, these are the perfect addition to your inflated, Custom Balloons, or you can even gift them separately. 

We are also dealing with premium Chocolates from Butlers and Coco9 and scented Candles from Sens. pk. 

Why Choose Bazzle!

Unparalleled Quality: 

From Balloons to Flowers, to Toys, to Chocolates and Candles, we bring you unmatched Quality all over Pakistan. Our Gift bundles are Fresh, vibrant, as well as bursting true Colors of your emotions. Get a wide range of Gifts along with Quality at Bazzle. 

Innovative Designs:

We work day and night to bring you only the best gifting experience; nothing we do is ordinary or mundane. Bazzle likes to set trends with its unique and innovative designs for all gifting bundles. From innovative textures, stunning colors, and designs to die for, Bazzle makes sure that your Gift remains the highlight of the DAY! 

Competitive Prices:

Not only do we provide you with the best gifting bundles, but we also take care of the fact that these premium bundles are in a variety of price ranges that are suitable for all. 

Our Values


We select environmental friendly products and avoid practices that endanger habitats or environments. We Incorporate recycle, reduce, and reuse strategies. Employ sound business management practices

International Outlook

Despite operating locally, Bazzle ensures to be driven by International standards in check. Our representation and products are run through optimum quality checks, ensuring the best experience for you not just anywhere around the world, but here in Pakistan, at your doorstep!


At Bazzle, our employment opportunities are not limited to any race, ethnicity or gender – we take great pride in utilizing an individual based on his/her expertise for every person possesses the capability to change the world and Bazzle is here to give you that platform.


Knowledge is power and Bazzle has the wand to give you that – with our tutorials, guidelines and experience, we are constantly working on new ways to educate people about our art and soon hope for you to take Pakistani décor to new heights!

Creativity & Innovation

Our out of the box approach allows for a different way of thinking and ultimately a unique experience for those who connect with us.

Customer Centricity

We consider communication to be the key; we strive on keeping our customers very well informed by receiving regular updates. Friendly, yet concise and clear communication.