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Our story

Balloons that Dazzle

Ever since the invention of balloons, they have been a huge part of every festive celebration. But are they really getting the attention they deserve?

Established in 2018, Bazzle Balloons started with the very vision to fill the vacuum of balloon art being recognized as a separate décor entity internationally, however, not here in Pakistan. With our team of dedicated balloon artists coming together, Bazzle is set to not only bring the most luxurious balloon collection to Pakistan but to also revolutionize the way we perceive balloon décor.


Be it your lavish balloon bunch or your child’s favorite character, our internationally trained artists strive for excellence and bring you top notch quality at your doorstep. As a mere reflection of our dedication and professionalism, we bring you the balloons that dazzle – we’re called Bazzle!

Lastly, as the balloon art industry emerges, we ultimately aim to create numerous entrepreneurial opportunities for people to unleash their potential and take Pakistani balloon décor to new heights!

Our Values


We select environmental friendly products and avoid practices that endanger habitats or environments. We Incorporate recycle, reduce, and reuse strategies. Employ sound business management practices

International Outlook

Despite operating locally, Bazzle ensures to be driven by International standards in check. Our representation and products are run through optimum quality checks, ensuring the best experience for you not just anywhere around the world, but here in Pakistan, at your doorstep!


At Bazzle, our employment opportunities are not limited to any race, ethnicity or gender – we take great pride in utilizing an individual based on his/her expertise for every person possesses the capability to change the world and Bazzle is here to give you that platform.


Knowledge is power and Bazzle has the wand to give you that – with our tutorials, guidelines and experience, we are constantly working on new ways to educate people about our art and soon hope for you to take Pakistani décor to new heights!

Creativity & Innovation

Our out of the box approach allows for a different way of thinking and ultimately a unique experience for those who connect with us.

Customer Centricity

We consider communication to be the key; we strive on keeping our customers very well informed by receiving regular updates. Friendly, yet concise and clear communication.