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Imagine you are all ready for your birthday but just when your celebration’s about to start, you hear a balloon POP! And then another one! Not knowing what to do, there’s chaos everywhere. Luckily, with Bazzle’s all imported luxury balloon collection and our Balloon Care Guide, you can bid all your hassles goodbye!

Bazzle’s Balloon Care Guide:


  • Keep your balloon(s) in a cool environment – humid and warm temperatures can result in unwanted balloon bursting.


Balloons oxidize when left outdoors.


  • Keep your balloon(s) away from open windows, direct sunlight, sharp objects, animal and children.

  • Please refrain from inhaling the balloon gas inside your mouth as it is harmful and can cause loss of consciousness.

Float Time

  • Latex balloon – Float time is at least 10 hours.
  • Foil balloon – Float time is more than a couple of days.
  • Bubble balloon – Float time is at least 15 hours.

Note: Float times depend on a balloon’s type and size – know yours well!