Frequently Asked Questions

Buying for Bazzle web is easy; all you have to do is select your preferred bouquet, add to cart and pay through our online payment system. Moreover, if you have any customization or changes, you can always talk to our Balloon Advisors who are always there to assist you.
Unfortunately, we are a customization company that is wholly online based. We do not entertain walk-in clients. We take orders through Facebook, Instagram, as well as our Ecommerce Website.
The minute you fall in love with any Bazzle Product, you should place your order. However, we do entertain same day deliveries and emergency orders, but it’s better to place your order before your event so that you can get your balloon arrangement on time. Our emergency slots are limited, so we can’t say yes to all emergency orders.
Yes, we can. We can add any kind of personalized message card to your balloon bouquet. Just leave your customize requests with our balloon advisor.
Yes, all balloons from are delivered inflated. If there is any confusion, you can always talk to your balloon advisors.

These helium balloons are tested indoor in an air-conditioned room; temperature around 20- 36C.

Latex Balloons:

  • 12″ – 10-12 hours
  • 12″ Confetti – 6 hours to 9 hours
  • 18″ – 15-20 hours
  • 36″ – 1-3 days
  • 36″ confetti – 1-2 days

Foil Balloons:

  • 18″ Round/Star/Heart – 5-10 days
  • 34″ & 40″ – 6-15 days


  • 10″ – 4 – 7 days
  • 16″ & 21″ – 7-21 days

Bubble Balloons:

  • 18″ – 1-5 days
  • 24″ & 36″ – 3-7 days

Float time depends on the climate, temperature as well as the atmosphere around the balloon bouquets.

First, why balloons burst?

  • Static electricity due to changing weather
  • Extreme heat
  • Weather Change
  • Sharp Objects
  • Pets
  • Humidity

Above mentioned reasons can have your balloons bursting. Bazzle uses high-quality, imported balloons; however, the venue’s conditions aren’t in our hands. Please refer to our balloon care to know how you can keep your luxury balloon bouquet intact till after the party.

Helium gas also referred to as a noble gas, is not flammable. This is precisely why we, at Bazzle Balloons, opt for helium for our Luxury Balloon Collection. With Bazzle, you can expect nothing but the best and high-quality product.

All Bazzle employees are trained to strictly abide by all SOPs and ensure minimal physical contact to eradicate any potential risk for all parties involved. For more details, you can go through the COVID-19 precautionary measures on our website to read how Bazzle provides a safe delivery service throughout Karachi.

The font of our customer’s personalized text is based on the length of characters. The size and type of the font vary according to that. However, if you have any preferences, we will try and incorporate that as well.