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Ridley the Rabbit

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Ridley the Rabbit
Who needs wheels, when you can achieve speed by eating your vegetables on time? I eat grass regularly therefore no coyote is ever going to get Ridley. I belong to Connecticut on I-95. Energize with a carrot, hit the highway...
Magic Lights Musical Play Gym (#0860) - By Winfun

Earliest Delivery : Today

Magic Lights Musical Play Gym (#0860) - By Winfun
The ultimate fun through different stages; lay and play, tummy time, sit and reach. This premium gym for your baby comes with an adjustable soft arch with other glowing light effects. It features an activity board with four chunky light-up...
CASH REGISTER (#2515) - By Winfun
The smart cafe cash register by winfun is definitely one of its kind! It is a fun activity for 24 month plus. It includes a smart cash register, coins and a lot of food with glasses and plates. It is...
WALKING DINO (#1145) - By Winfun
The walking dino by winfun is for 18 months plus toddlers. It is an adventure walk dino which also sings and speaks the ABC and the 123 songs. This is definitely a fun toy for kids to play with. 

Stuff toys that keep your kids occupied and promote their social development whilst keeping it fun and enjoyable

If you are looking for some innovative toys that can get your child’s attention while you sit back and relax, or even complete your daily tasks and house chores without constant distractions from your child? Bazzle. k has an in-store for your interactive child-friendly toys that are bound to keep your kids busy for hours, not only are our toys super fun and unique, they are accepting of every child’s dream toy.

 From a range of stuffed toys to educational and play-along toys you can find absolutely everything, high-quality toys that are made to be your kid’s favorite playtime partners, nap time partners, and even mealtime partners.

In this era of electronics why choose toys?

While the word advances to kindle and other forms of electronics for kids’ motivation and form of entertainment, why opt for conventional toys?  Well because while adopting technology at a tender younger may seem very unorthodox yet very intellectual for many parents it is quite an armful for the young mind development and personality development of a child as a whole, kids should be encouraged and taught to play outside more or choose toys that they can interact with, elate with and use their physical and mental capabilities an unleash their creativity and intellect that suits their age group. Personality development that comes from playing with toys is much preferred to one attained by technology. 

Toys should be a child’s favorite companion at least till the age of 9-10 years, not only will it help in their overall growth and mind development but will inhibit their traits of sharing, care, and appreciation. Playtime should be synonymous with toy time and not TV and computer time, especially at a tender age. If your child is picky about certain toys or you just can’t seem to find a durable toy to ease your burden, we have a collection from Bazzle. pk that will pass through your criteria for fun, interactive and durable toys as per your child’s demand

  1. The chimpanzee stuff toy: nothing clingier for your child than a chimpanzee ty friend
  2. Tate the tuxedo cat: what kid doesn’t admire a furry house and street pet like the fluffy feline cat, imagine how much your kid is going to love having one 24/7 in his arms without the stress of being allergic! Cat in a tux? who can resist!
  3. Sort N learn Activity house: interact with different textures, and sounds, and divulge in organization skills at a young age
  4. Science box: dive into the world of scientists from a young age, feel like a scientist with the detailed test tube and lab vibes that keep your child invested for hours
  5. Disney puzzle: puzzles are a great tool to flourish a healthy active mind, use puzzles to unlock your child’s potential in a fun creative way.

Why choose Bazzle.pk for your toy galore

Bazzle.pk boasts a variety of top quality, reliable and safe toys that you can browse online sitting at home, or even at your workplace. Choose the right toy to fit any occasion whether you are looking to send toys on a birthday occasion or simply buying them for your kid, our 24 x7 service is here to provide you with your desired toy in no time.

Our team of experts will guide you through the most suitable for your kid by age, usage, and purpose

So hurry up and get your suitable toy now and live your adult life to the fullest while your kid lives his baby life to the fullest!

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