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Dolmen Shopping Festival

The day we took over!

One of our earliest highlights dates back to Dolmen’s Shopping Festival (DSF) that took place in 2019. A grand scale event with a grand scale audience – Bazzle well the whole nine yards to show off its potential.

The event served as an inauguration ceremony of the DSF, attended by hundreds of people, keeping an eye on what was about to happen.

Amid the parades and marching, Bazzle Balloons brought its luxury and party balloon collection at play and made a grand entry with all the colours in the world and some of its most impressive looking characters!

From the red on the octopus blooming to the wonderful purple, yellow and blue being incorporated to produce the perfect blend, our inclusion in the event led to hundreds of people being familiarized with our name and we couldn’t be more honoured to partner with the great @dolmenmall!





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