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Coke Fest 2018

Where it all started!


Cokefest is not only one of Karachi’s flagship events but it is also where Bazzle got its initial appreciation.

Two years ago, Bazzle got on the bandwagon with the mission of taking balloon décor to new heights in Pakistan. The milestones we have achieved in the following months would have not been possible if it weren’t for selling LED lit balloons on various flagship platforms.


We were aware of the hard work that we needed to put in if we wanted to import a luxury balloon collection and become Pakistan’s number one balloon company. Undoubtedly, that meant selling the balloons and getting our brand familiarized with the audience as much as we could at every chance we got.

Even the co-founders had a great time distributing the balloons themselves! Overall, we had received an overwhelming response and who knew, Bazzle would soon take off to becoming as popular and trendy as it stands today.

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