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  • Coke Fest 2018

    Coke Fest 2018
    Where it all started!   Cokefest is not only one of Karachi’s flagship events but it is also where Bazzle got its initial appreciation. Two years ago, Bazzle got on the bandwagon with the mission of taking balloon décor to new heights in Pakistan. The milestones we have achieved in the following months would have not been possible if it weren’t for selling LED...
  • Dolmen Shopping Festival

    The day we took over! One of our earliest highlights dates back to Dolmen’s Shopping Festival (DSF) that took place in 2019. A grand scale event with a grand scale audience – Bazzle well the whole nine yards to show off its potential. The event served as an inauguration ceremony of the DSF, attended by hundreds of people, keeping an eye on what was...
  • Minna Tariq is Over the Moon!

    Minna Tariq is Over the Moon!
    We all love seeing our loved ones, don’t we? Upon hearing about the legendary Rubina Ashraf’s recent condition, the entire nation had sent endless prayers her way. However, upon her recovery, her daughter and one of Pakistan’s emerging actors, Minna Tariq, decided to celebrate her over-the-top feeling with Bazzle! Knowing the impact of a bunch of colourful balloons on a person’s personality and mood,...
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